Grasp The Planet is an educational initiative whose goal is to provide a platform for people of all ages to immerse themselves into ancient civilizations built to scale in 3D, and therefore provide an understanding of their influences & significance over the course of our history.

We are a small group of pro­fes­sional digital creatives spe­cial­iz­ing in 3D animation, immersive education and game design.

We share a mutual wonder for the ancient world wonders and cultures. Our thirst for knowledge con­nects us and we com­bined it our professional skills to bring you the most beautiful, comprehensive immersive exploration of the ancient wonders.

Our goal is an interactive recon­struct­ing of all of the ancient wonders and some of the modern ones as well. The final goal being a captivating and fun way to learn and explore past, present and future technologies.

Achiev­ing this with exist­ing pho­to­graphs of the ruins alone was a major chal­lenge, we relied mostly on old plans and draw­ings by dif­fer­ent archae­olo­gists, and of course, a great deal of fantasy for recre­at­ing the col­or­ful facades.

We have worked to develop meth­ods for mod­el­ing dif­fer­ent styles of archi­tec­ture in an accur­ate and time-efficient man­ner. The highly detailed reliefs and sculp­tures of the ancient con­struc­tions are an espe­cially dif­fi­cult chal­lenge which require big effort, how­ever, this was made pos­sible with good draw­ings and pho­tos as guidelines.


Explore the world wonders & mysterious monuments through time, learn about how they were built and what their significance is to us today. Maps, outlines & an abudance of factual information makes it easy to study and understand more about ancient civilizations and cultures, ruling empires, engineering techniques,  art and so much more. Grasp The Planet combines learning and gaming, accompanied with authentic soundtrack to make everyone feel as if they are experiencing it for real. This application combines technology with history, geography, art & archeology, for a unique learning experience.

Current Stage of Development

Currently, GTP project is an interactive one-level exploration game. The goal of the exercise is to walk around, explore & learn about the Giza Necropolis, significance of Egyptian culture, their pharaohs and other interesting facts. Future versions of this application will include such ancient sites as:

  • Easter Island
  • Mesoamerican Pyramids
  • Stonehenge
  • Great Wall of China
  • Derinkuyu
  • and more

Future of the project

This project is a 100% privately funded. The vision of Grasp The Planet project is to create a massive interactive library, and to speed up development time, we will accept & credit all interested parties who can contribute to the development of this project. Any designer and/or 3d developer who wishes to be involved is urged to contact a member of the development team. So far, we have completed the model of the Giza Plateau. But the overall goal is to illustrate many (if not all!) ancient civilizations – this project has enormous potential & there is still much work ahead! To support or get involved in our project, please get in touch with Creativitality. Thank you.